Saturday, March 04, 2006

I guess great thinkers think alike...

For a class assignment we were to think up of game ideas and then right a High Concept about them. Well for those of you that truly know me I always go a bit beyond when it comes to creating things that I really want to make.

Anyways to get to the point I thought up a game design for an evolution game called: Evolution of Life Online (E.L.O) that would be totally intense. The world's ocean would be your play-ground at first as a little cell organism. From there you would evolve further to the point were you would be more then just small organism to a fish, insect or other water creature. You would soon leave the water and the world would be yours to survive on. Within time you would evolve to the point of an intelligent being and gain technology to the point were you would leave your world to explore and populate others. Moving form the solar system to galaxy and further in to the universe you would encounter other players and their galaxies, solar system and planets. There you would befriend or give war.

The intensity of the world is nothing when it comes to creature customization. This is the key element of the game. As you evolve you change the world around you because of your choices of survival. The very way you look, move, act, attack and defend well determine if your species will survive.

Cutting to closer to the point my friend who I have asked to review my game concept and other information found this:
Spore by: Maxis Entertainment, produced by EA. Visit Spore's Main Website to learn more.

As you well see from the video is an almost completed version of the game I have imagined, though they do not reveal everything my game in words was pretty much the same but with a few slight twists. For example my game was more RPG orientated while theirs near the end is more RTS/Sims orientated.

Need less to say I think this game well rock! Though it is crummy that I couldn't design it :( but then again who knows what the future well bring.

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