Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chipping Time Away...


It's late. I have pretty much finished texturing, at least to a point that is fair enough to start my rigging. I am planning on making a Cage of my model and all his extra's and using it to move my higher rez into pose. But before that here's an update as promised.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From One to Another...

The process of texturing I must amit is my least favorite part of modeling, but damn does it make the model look better when things are starting to go the way you want them. The other day I had an annoying problem were my displacement wouldn't show like this:

I spent over 8hours my my time that was needed to texture and rigg in trying to figure out why it wasn't working. For those that run into this problem I found that if you freeze your model and subdivided it at least twice it will do the trick. That is if you dont want to bring in a larger OBJ file of your model. My guess is that the computer just didn't have enough geometry in that area to comupt the information needed to render it.

But moving on. I thought I would share the point I am at in texturing. I am still wanting to do subserface lighting in the skin and tusk bones but at the moment I an unable to make that work properly. I only have a few things left to texture still though, those being the earings and the loincloth. I hope to have those done within a few hours and will post an updated image when I am finished that. But enough said here is my current state:

As you can see there are still some area's that need doing and tweeking. I really wish I had another week on this but insted I will have to hurry the texturing process so that it can make tomorrows 6:00pm due date. Which means I need to have a XSI that will allow me to rigg and render without any hassle.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Moving Along...

Moving along I have pretty much completed the alpha displacing using projecton master and will now clean up the body stucture and emphasize creases and wrinkles when needed. I will be soon importing the tusks and other clothing into Zbrush to add detail to them. There surface area is much smaller so I hope they will not take as long. I will then start texturing everything. But that is still a ways away.

And now back to work, but not after I grab something to eat ;)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Heads Up

So I worked on the head a bit this morning for about 2hrs. I haven't used any alpha's yet to displace cause I am still in the molding stage, making sure everything is nice and pritty.

Now to life-drawing class.

Zbrush Happy

So after along time, that is about a weeks worth of unwrapping between work and other school projects I finally was able to attack it with Zbrush and go crazy with wrinkles which would be very difficult to do in XSI when in Zbrush it is a matter of a few brush strokes.

Anyways besides doing wrinkle detail I also sculpted out the bodies structor alot more giving Guishnu a more definded mucsel structure, viens, scars and other lovely things. Most of the detail you see I have done with just the standard brush. Inflating, smoothing, pinching, repeat... Working up through different subdivsions and going back and forward between then.

At this moment I am fairly happy with Guishnu's body and will be now focusing on his head. I will also be bringing in his bracers, tusks and such to add further detail to them but I am going to leave them until later.

I've got about 12 hours worth of detailing, texturing and rigging adead of me before I start rendering everything out. Which equals lack of sleep and care for ATL200 class.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Guishnu as a Sculpture

I did this model before I even started working on my 3D project of Guishnu. In fact this is part 2 of what is to be 4 parts of a large project. First I started out with coming up with concept drawings of creatures I might want to do (see below in an older post for two examples). I then from those drawings created a 15.5 inchsculpture out of wire, tine foil, and sculpty (smothing way better then clay for the fact that it doesn't dry out). I then did it in 3D using XSI and will be attacking it with Zbrush.

I've posted below the progression that it took me to create the sculpture. (Click the imgae to see them in Higher Rez.)

Now back to some more homework :P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thats it I'm Done! No more! Nata! Well... Ok Maybe.

Well I have finished my last hour and I have to say I am pretty happy with it myself and am earger to take it to the next level of detail in Zbrush. I believe this will be a strong base model and so now all I have to do is unwrap it :( I really don't like this part. Of all the things needed to do in modeling unwrapping is my least favorite.

"Yawn...." Well on wards for the glory of Auir! I will adventure to the school for my lab and start some major web-designing for ID.

One Hour Remaining

I've got one hour left and I will find myself finished the alotted time given me to build the base model in XSI for later on Zbrushing. So far what is new is all the jewlary is finished, I added an eye and fixed the geometry around the eye to fit the newly made eyeball. I further fixed the legs to make the edge loops flow more smoothly.

Any suggestions or for ever hold your peace for this project is comming to an end?