Thursday, December 07, 2006

Guishnu as a Sculpture

I did this model before I even started working on my 3D project of Guishnu. In fact this is part 2 of what is to be 4 parts of a large project. First I started out with coming up with concept drawings of creatures I might want to do (see below in an older post for two examples). I then from those drawings created a 15.5 inchsculpture out of wire, tine foil, and sculpty (smothing way better then clay for the fact that it doesn't dry out). I then did it in 3D using XSI and will be attacking it with Zbrush.

I've posted below the progression that it took me to create the sculpture. (Click the imgae to see them in Higher Rez.)

Now back to some more homework :P

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