Sunday, June 24, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 24/06/07

Well I'm not calling it quits on this character for I still plan on making him all nicely textured and fully animatable I have reached a state were I am happy enough to post him on my porfolio site.

I'll keep you guyz updated as I progress on the character more over time. Once again to see more continues updates and progression visit my thred at

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 19/06/07

Well its deffently been a long time since I have updated here and I believe it is safe to say that I've come along way from my last post. I have finished modeling the armour and have now started unwrapping the model, a process that is on the lowest of my fun list when it comes to modeling. I have over 30 peices of armour to unwrap but I hope to be done today.

I'm pretty proud to be at the stage I'm at though I would like to have been further. I hope to have this guy Zbrushed, rigged, posed with an AO rendered turn by Friday.

To see more frequent updates for this character visit: Digimill Student Forums.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 12/06/07

Well I'm due for an update. I've finished blocking out the base model for the armour as you can see below. I've recieved comments on the forum that at this point in time it looks really bulky and that his arms couldn't move...

Well not to worry my friends I've knew what I was doing believe it or not. as you can see from the images below (in this example the lower abb plate) when I pulled it out it looked pretty bulky but so did the rest. As you can see the upper pieces which were even bigger then the lower abb plate now appear less bulky then the lower abb plate. But I've been slimming it down as I model the finer look to the armour.

So... I finally finished the front part of my characters plates, that is from the Chest Plate to the Crock Plate. Still have lots to do and very little time to do it (22nd due date...) I'll post more soon.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 09/06/07

I'm due for an update on my progress so here is a rundown of what I've been up to for the past 3 days. I've took my character in to Zbrush and puched the forum alittle more and then added details.

With that done I exported a normal map and tested it out in XSI. So I through on an quick AO shaded gave the scene a couple of lights and I ended up with this:

Fairly satisfied with my normal map displacement I've now been working on the armour which I started this morning. I've been using the body to help create the plates of the armour. Selecting the polys and Pushing them out after extracting them from the bodies mesh. I've pretty much blocked out the torso and shoulders and am in the process of mapping out the leges.

Anyways I'll keep ya posted. To see my progress more often check out Digimill Student Forums > Critique My Work Please > Modeling Critique > 31st Century Warrior.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 06/06/07

Ok its been a while since my last update, partly cause my computer died and so I fell behind until it got repaired. So I moved around the mesh to suit the structure that I wanted for my character from the base model I last posted. I then spent some time added more detail to the face, arms and hands of the base model, extracting and deleting the lower half cause I wont need it until later. Mashing around on the base model I kinda got carried away with the hands but finally was satisfied to unwrap it and take it into Zbrush.

After hours of unwrapping I finally got it into Zbrush this morning for a bit before I had class. I pushed around the base structure bit in Sub2/Sub3 untill I had to get to class to work on the game.

Some time after class I returned my attention back the working on the body structure this time mainly focusing on the face. I'll be spending alittle longer on the face then move onto the hands and arms again. I should be finished this either late at night or some time tomorrow evening.

Back to work, I'll keep you posted :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 01/06/07

Ok so its been a while since I last posted for this guy. While doing the last compo I also worked on my character model off and on, so here is the underlying body. I'll be building over top of the body so there is going to be no more added detail besides to the parts that will be showing (the face, arms and right hand).

At the moment the face is looking quite young, I'll be working on makeing it older looking before goin into Zbrush and making it look pretty. I will also have to do alot of work on the hand cause as you can see it pretty lacking.

Like the model? Down load this Base Model Here.

31St Century Warrior - Emporers Fist

I've pretty much finished my characters gun because it was a part project/contest entry for Digimill Student Forum's "Future Personnel Military Weapon Design" Challenge. All thats left to do is make a texture for this bad boy and give it some nice shaders. But that will come later. Now to move on to the character. Look for updates that should be comming soon :)

New Front Loader

I'm over joyed to announce that is now a workable workable domain and will direct you to the enter page were I will post top viewed art peices, news and what not.