Saturday, March 31, 2007


Went to big old Vancouver and met some great people at Relic, EA and Propaganda Games. You guyz are great and I would like to thanky ou for once agian for your time :) You really made my trip to Vancouver worth it.

Comming back I've started working again on my two latest entries. The EA's: Reveal compotition and Digimill's: Animal Within. Currently lighting up Guishnu and making him look pretty and making it that the deformation map doesn't crash XSI. I found the best way at the moment to get around the hole crashing problem was to make the body use a normal map mixed with a displacement.

Heres what I got:

Still need to work with the normal map cause there are some stupid seems but I should have those fixed here soon. If I get this working without crashing I'm going to get an older save were he is not in pose and use the rigg and play with some minor animatoin for the turn around.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dominance War: Finished Concpet

Winning Pose:

Beuty Shot:

Construction Shot:

Texture Sheet:

Concept Sheet:

I have finished this dude. Thankyou everyone for your suggestions and support it really helped shape this guy to what he is now. I've learned alot by joining this compotition this year.

Now to focus on my other school work. Good luck to all you guyz out there doing Dominance War I hope to see you bad ass models at the finish line :)

Dominance War Update

Heres an update of were I'm at. Pretty much done.

Quick Turn-Around (Still texturing):

Figuring out Backgrounds:

Testing out Lighting:

More updates comming soon :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Newest Tutorial: Alpha Brushes

My Newest Tutorial,

Alpha Brushes:
Creating Alpha Brushes for Zbrush’s Projection Master

This tutorial covers the process of creating Alpha Brushes used in Zbrush’s Projection Master to create detailed displacement on your Zbrush model, and suggestions on how to apply them.

Please Vote for it Here.

Dominance War

Well I really haven't been on top of posting my progress here on my latest project so I thought I should do a quick rundown of my past months progress on my Dominance War entry character.

My starting Concpet:

My final Concept:

My Base Modeling Progress:

Figuring out Poses:

Finished Pose and Base Model:



Current State:

Still currently texturing. I should be finished this part of it soon and I will move on to lighting and rendering.