Wednesday, June 06, 2007

31St Century Warrior - Update 06/06/07

Ok its been a while since my last update, partly cause my computer died and so I fell behind until it got repaired. So I moved around the mesh to suit the structure that I wanted for my character from the base model I last posted. I then spent some time added more detail to the face, arms and hands of the base model, extracting and deleting the lower half cause I wont need it until later. Mashing around on the base model I kinda got carried away with the hands but finally was satisfied to unwrap it and take it into Zbrush.

After hours of unwrapping I finally got it into Zbrush this morning for a bit before I had class. I pushed around the base structure bit in Sub2/Sub3 untill I had to get to class to work on the game.

Some time after class I returned my attention back the working on the body structure this time mainly focusing on the face. I'll be spending alittle longer on the face then move onto the hands and arms again. I should be finished this either late at night or some time tomorrow evening.

Back to work, I'll keep you posted :)

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