Thursday, December 14, 2006

Zbrush Happy

So after along time, that is about a weeks worth of unwrapping between work and other school projects I finally was able to attack it with Zbrush and go crazy with wrinkles which would be very difficult to do in XSI when in Zbrush it is a matter of a few brush strokes.

Anyways besides doing wrinkle detail I also sculpted out the bodies structor alot more giving Guishnu a more definded mucsel structure, viens, scars and other lovely things. Most of the detail you see I have done with just the standard brush. Inflating, smoothing, pinching, repeat... Working up through different subdivsions and going back and forward between then.

At this moment I am fairly happy with Guishnu's body and will be now focusing on his head. I will also be bringing in his bracers, tusks and such to add further detail to them but I am going to leave them until later.

I've got about 12 hours worth of detailing, texturing and rigging adead of me before I start rendering everything out. Which equals lack of sleep and care for ATL200 class.

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