Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From One to Another...

The process of texturing I must amit is my least favorite part of modeling, but damn does it make the model look better when things are starting to go the way you want them. The other day I had an annoying problem were my displacement wouldn't show like this:

I spent over 8hours my my time that was needed to texture and rigg in trying to figure out why it wasn't working. For those that run into this problem I found that if you freeze your model and subdivided it at least twice it will do the trick. That is if you dont want to bring in a larger OBJ file of your model. My guess is that the computer just didn't have enough geometry in that area to comupt the information needed to render it.

But moving on. I thought I would share the point I am at in texturing. I am still wanting to do subserface lighting in the skin and tusk bones but at the moment I an unable to make that work properly. I only have a few things left to texture still though, those being the earings and the loincloth. I hope to have those done within a few hours and will post an updated image when I am finished that. But enough said here is my current state:

As you can see there are still some area's that need doing and tweeking. I really wish I had another week on this but insted I will have to hurry the texturing process so that it can make tomorrows 6:00pm due date. Which means I need to have a XSI that will allow me to rigg and render without any hassle.

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