Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Life of a Supper Hero...

So I start off this next semester with a new project, create my self as a super hero! This was going to be my first human model I ever had to work on and well... I clearly got excited. So much so that when I started my sketchs they didn't quite add up to what Fransico stated the character had to be based from.

See the main thing I forgot was that it was suppose to be in a "Incrediables" style... and well as you can see I was a little towards the Marvel Comic style insted of Pixar. So... I did a few more drawings focusing on the face because that is what we were going to model first.

As you can see I was on beter track after that. Know on to mobeling the head. This was pretty fun, I mean there was a giant learning curve and I like remade my head no more then 6 times but... I finally made one that I liked and looked pretty close to my drawing.

And ya... Now on to the body, that will be comming soon. (It's not easy being a hero.)

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