Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moving into the New Term

Moving into the new term I still plan on re-rigging Guishnu and animating him as he is posed, I think I am going to give thatm to myself as homework of CM class. Anyways... I spent to day going to the gym, watching Dougie play Zelda and modeling another model. I have only created a base for it using one of my already premade bodies and then I made the head.

Keeping to the "God of Ancient Culture" theme I bring you Anubis the Egyptian god with a head of a jackel and a body of a man. I use a doberman's head as referance wanting it more strong then the slim faced jackel.

I was considering reducing the poly's more and relying on my Deformation map that I will make in Zbrush like Vitalle Naymushin does with his models but we will see.


Joshua said...

Any Progress? I am excited to see this finished !

Orrie Walls said...

I at the moment this model is on hold because of lack of time. School work has been keeping me busy and school models are more important then ones on the side.