Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stewie Replacement Progress

Long story short my school that I am currently attending ran into some problems with using Stewie (a character that is used by Animation Mentor) and so the school needs another simple animation character to replaced the borrowed one.

Though I was not asked to do this I started created a character to replace Stewie. I've been working on it for a week now off and on and its come through a number of stages and is still not finished.

Robot Model#1

Well simply stated my first attempted at modeling this character had some ups and downs and I really didn't like some of the elements (mainly the feet). So... I did some remodeling.

Robot Model#2

And... found that adding colour to the model problably did it wonders cause I didn't change the body very much but I've did do some major work to the legs and its already looking better. I thought to myself "Alright! The cats in the bag." but when I rigged this sexy beast I found that the legs were a little problematic, model wise. And if I were to release this thing I'd some smelly animators crying that their animation would be better if only the model.

So... back to the drawing board, litterally.

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