Sunday, November 26, 2006

And About 2hrs later...

Heres an update. I was just reminded that I was to update my progress every hour, oops... I'll do it every hour after this one.

Anyways... I extracted and hide the head and will work on it when I finish the three hours I alotted to the body tweaking. As you can see I added Edge Loops and fingers! At least a lot more then what I had before. Constently tweaking points to make sure everything is nice and round I added mucle formation and fat.

For the last hour I am planning to work on the leg more and add some toes. But I'll do that latter some time. Right now I'm going to practise the head cause damn they are hard. Speaking of practicing on a head I need to do another human head... Ah... so much lovly things to model and so little time to do to them.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good so far!