Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Drill Resaults

Here's my modeling resaults on that 3 hour head you had for us. I got pretty far, not as far as I wanted but fairly far. I'll have to get Nolan and Cassy to mark it and give you the mark for it next class or so.

Now back to making Guishnu look more cool :)


Cassandra said...

Hey Orrie,
I really like the face, it looks really smooth and well done. The edge loops follow nicely, and I think go where they should (I might be crazy lol)
soo for the work done I would give ya an 10.5/15

Nolan Wiebe said...

Hey Orrie, The face is looking pretty good to me, nice work on the wrinkle definition around the mouth and forehead. 11/15